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Tarmac Repairs

Aberdeen Pro Wash can refurbish tarmac surfaces that may have lost colour and faded over time. This can save a great deal of expense for many homeowners in Aberdeenshire, who often have very few options once their tarmac drive starts to deteriorate.

Our tarmac refurbishment process can transform the look of the tarmac, without having to dig the tarmac up and replace the whole surface.

There are many benefits to our tarmac refurbishment process

  • Restores colour of original tarmac
  • Put resins back into the surface 
  • Simple and quick application by roller
  • Slows down deterioration and breaking up of the tarmac
  • Protects the tarmac from UV light damage 

Many homeowners in Aberdeen, Peterhead and other towns across Aberdeenshire are now seeing considerable benefits of this new tarmac restoration process on their driveways and have saved themselves a great deal of expense.

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If you have a tarmac driveway needs refurbishment, please call 01779 478568. Alternatively, just fill out our online enquiry form and we will provide a FREE no obligation quotation upon request.